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5 years

Official Name: C'est Bon King Yoda-Man of SangRoyal
Sire: Wrinkles Gaston of C'est Bon
Dam: Grimlyn

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Below are webinar/slideshows by Dr. Kate Meurs detailing valuable information on HCM in sphynx cats.

2014 - Updates on Sphynx Cat HCM research with Dr. Kate Meurs

2011 - Dr. Kate Meurs on Sphynx Cat HCM research

Heart Health Interest Group - IG HGK


The Interest Group Heart Healthy Cats (IG HGK), founded on 14.04.2012 in Mannheim, is an organization of and for cat breeders and breed cat lovers, the goal of which is the education of cat owners of all races, especially also of the European domestic cats, about HCM and other heart diseases.  Currently breeders of the following cat breeds, as well as cat lovers and family members have joined the IG Heart Healthy Cats.: British Shorthair/British Longhair | Maine Coon |  Norwegian Forest Cat  |  Ocicat | Peterbald | Scottish Fold   We wish for more active comrades-in-arms from all breeds in order to communicate our targets of the (heart) health of cats to a wide audience.

Bengal Breeders (UK) United (BBUKU)

bbkuBengal Breeders (UK) United (BBUKU) are a small group of Bengal breeders having carried out over 100 HCM screenings between us. We are spread throughout the UK with a single common goal; to preserve the future of the Bengal breed.  To achieve this goal we aim to encourage fellow breeders to breed as responsibly as possible by testing their breeding cats for health issues known to affect our beautiful breed. We also hope to raise awareness of these health issues and encourage potential pet owners to buy from Bengal breeders who are working in a responsible manner by screening their breeding cats for HCM.